A music track vs a jingle. What do you need?

Some people may not understand what the difference between a music track and a jingle is. Understanding the difference is crucial, since it can make your ad or video amazing and memorable.

Let us start with a short story that is behind jingles. The first jingles appeared in the late 1920s and became very popular as an advertising material. The peak of jingles popularity is the 1950s period. However, you should not think that jingles are not used today. They are still very effective and popular among people who create advertisement.

The difference

To understand the difference between a music track and a jingle, it is enough to mention what the latter is. A jingle is a song (short) which is used mainly in advertising or any other commercial projects that somehow promote a certain product or a service. The only function of a jingle is to promote a certain product via using of slogans. Nevertheless, there were jingles which were used  to promote a brand.

To put it in another way, a jingle is a purely commercial mean that has only one function promote something.

A music track is a general term. However, the point that it is not created to promote something. A music track can be used as a background track that accompanies visual material without promoting a service or a product.

Usage of jingles

Since jingles are used for promoting something, we can define the main common spheres where this kind of music art is used. Jingles are used for advertisement and they are unacceptable for personal videos, films or video games.

Another reason why ad-makers loved jingles is that people remember them. A song is usually easier to remember, so people always remember of the product being promoted this way. This strategy can be used today as well.

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