About Stock music

Stock music is widely used for different kinds of promotional materials. One of the main advantages of this kind of music is that it will not cost you too much, and you will make your medium more pleasant and elegant.It is a perfect option when you need a good background music track, which accompanies your visual material.

This kind of music can be used in both commercial and personal projects, but you should pay special attention to the license, since you may need to pay for commercial using of a track.Usually, you can see the type of the license when you download or buy the track. Quite often composers let use their music for free but only if your project is not commercial as well. Understanding the license agreement is crucial and you should not underestimate it, since you may have troubles in future. A composer may even sue you and that is a perfect reason to pay special attention to the license agreement.

Importance of technical information

Choosing a track, you should check its technical information. As usual, technical information includes:

  • Numbers of channels (mono or stereo).
  • Frequency rate. 44100 Hz 16 bit is the most common rate and it is enough for the most cases.
  • Track length.
  • .WAV is a good option since you will not lose quality.

Composers tend to create music with standard technical parameters. Depending on the medium, you may not need the whole music track, but just an extraction. For example, if you have a video and you need a good background track, you will probably trim the track. It is a good practice to have a music track that is longer than the video.

.WAV files are quite large as usual, but in this case you lose no quality at all. Moreover, the file can be imported in any audio/video editor.

Frequency rate determines quality of the track, 44.1 kHz is very common, and it is enough in almost any cases. Of course, there are rates that are much higher than 44 kHz, but you need god hardware in order to hear the difference. The rate influence file size as well.


Stock music is very useful when you need a good track. http://allstockmusic.com/offers many high quality soundtracks and you can find the right track for you no matter where you want to use it. However, you need to pay special attention to legal aspects and technical information.