Choose the right music track

Audio is an important part of any kind of media. It has been proved that audio can create the right attitude or even help people make decisions. It is not a secret that music influences our mood. Moreover, some music tracks help us relax. Music helps us keep a rhythm. Since music is that important, you need to pay special attention to the music you use in your medium.


Music tracks are used everywhere, in films, games, ads, videos, etc. To choose the right music track, you need to determine what atmosphere you want to create. For examples, you have a very dynamic video where you do different stunts. Such videos are usually fast paced, so you need “fast” and dynamic music, so rock or punk-rock style tracks are worth to consider.

If you create a horror-game then you should think of some calm, slow-paced music, whichwill be changed to a dramatic track at the right moment.

Promoting a product or a service, you should consider using a middle-paced track. However, it depends on the product (or service) you promote.

Music accompanies visual material and creates the final image, which is able to create the right mood. offers a wide range of music tracks of different genres and you will definitely find what you need.

Length of the track

It is very difficult to find the track, which will last as long as your video does, so you may need to trim the track.  It is recommended to choose the track which length is close to the length of your video. Quite often advertisement-makers use well-known parts of well-known tracks. That is where stock music advantages come into play. Stock music will not cost you as much as a known track. That is the case, when you need to think of another important factor – license.


When it comes to using something (like a music track) in your projects, you should remember of the license agreement. Usually, you are required to pay a reasonable amount of money in order to be able to use a music track in your commercial projects. In any case, you should read the license agreement very carefully.