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If you’ve been in trouble with the law because of a traffic ticket, chances are good that you are interested in defending yourself against the charges. But just what kind of defense are you willing to accept? What if the police officer and the prosecutor know who you are, that you are the exact same person every time you get behind the wheel of your car?

If the court doesn’t need your blood work, they can look at your license. They will do so if they find that you did indeed stop for a sign or a tail light violation. You should understand that this ticket is pretty much based on the fact that you failed to obey a sign.

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By the same token, if you choose to prove that you were speeding and didn’t stop for a sign, that probably isn’t going to cut it in court. These “speed trap” tickets are such that they rely on a sign to make their case against you.

If you’re pulled over by a cop, you should certainly try to resist having the cop write down your license plate. After all, you don’t have any idea how much money you are going to lose if this officer finds out that you are driving a car that doesn’t have Careless driving Ontario. In most cases, you can avoid a hefty fine and a suspension of your license.

The officer is likely going to ask you about your speed, as well. The truth is that a cop will probably charge you under “obstruction of justice” if you refuse to identify yourself to him, so be sure to keep your hands out of your pockets as much as possible and hand over all of your identification documents.

There’s no point in arguing with the officer on this ticket. When you do, you’ll get the ball rolling on getting out of a very difficult situation. The point is to prove that you were actually speeding.

Of course, there are other reasons that a police officer may be able to explain away the speed you were traveling as well. Even if it is a ticket based on speeding, the officer may use this excuse in order to justify a citation for reckless driving. That means that you are not going to be able to beat a ticket for speeding, so the best bet is to simply try to get the officer to admit that the ticket is based on a mistake, rather than on some other form of unlawful speeding.